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Why are ours services different?

Excelarise is able to look at the goals and initiatives from different stakeholders specific to create a roadmap for your organization that will enable collaborative change efforts. The Virtual CIO can also act as a mentor for your staff to equip them to handle high-level executive decisions on their own.

Why use a virtual or fractional cio?

Excelarise’s  Virtual CIO  services is the perfect solution for any business with a tight budget; allowing a company to benefit from a highly trained and experienced consultant, without having to hire a new full-time executive.   By working collaboratively with your Executive Team and IT operations, our Virtual CIO will be able to confirm that your IT environment is capable of supporting your long term business objectives.

Why are virtual cio’s beneficial to your organization?

Excelarise Virtual CIO services comes with a team of expertise  and industry specific resources to provide focused goals and detail about the IT needs of your company. A virtual CIO will be able to take their experience and tap their industry connections to work closely with other IT executives in order to help develop your business.

Why have a technology roadmap?

Excelarise’s team learns your business to develop a technology plan that only helps the organization grow, increase efficiency, provide cost savings and most of all cost avoidance.  Plan that is done right and well implemented the first time.

What are some of the areas we can help you with?

  • Objective analysis of IT Operations
  • Current state view with key performance benchmarks
  • Policy and Procedures best practices
  • Governance
  • Vendor management
  • Risk management
  • Project and business initiative prioritization
  • Compliance