Vetting the Right Solution

Advisory Series

Excelarise has released their Advisory Series.  The advisory series are educational videos providing best practices for organizations.  Their first release is focused on “How to Vet the right solution.”  Going through the process may be a daunting task depending on how complex is the solution and the multi-dimensional departments that may be involved.

They provide step by step process mapping from creating a steering committee to picking the right vendor and solution.  These videos walk through several important stages for vetting the right solution; topics include:

  • Gathering the requirements discussing the importance of business, technical, and functional requirements
  • Taking the requirements and creating a request for a proposal and the difference between a request for proposal, request for information, and request for a quote
  • Creating a vendor evaluation matrix focusing on the critical areas and weighting criteria
  • Establishing demos and tips for evaluating the product with the top vendors of choice
  • Contracting and finalizing the vendor of choice

These videos will help you embrace the process and provide the critical components of doing the due diligence.