HIPAA Privacy and Security

This video focuses on privacy and security. A high level view would include patient access to records, the privacy of those records, and keeping information secure and safe. We will discuss a security risk analysis process in this video. It’s important to look at different areas within a network and understand what is needed to fix issues within an organization. We hope you enjoy our latest video! Remember to document, document, and document! Call us today at (330) 256-5481 to get your organization assessed!

About Us

Excelarise, LLC is a healthcare transformation consulting firm in northeast Ohio devoted to adding significant value to our clients through a partnership approach. We increase the workflow, efficiency, productivity, and growth of healthcare organizations by partnering with leadership personnel and assisting in contract strategies, vetting solutions, directing existing or outsourced IT staff.

Please call us today at 330-256-5481 or contact us at info@excelarise.com to see how we can work together to take your organization to the next level.

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