How Can We Help You?

What is Excelarise all About?
In this video Excelarise CEO and Managing Principal Zeeba Mercer discusses how our company can help you. You will learn about healthcare transformation and why it is gives us a strategic advantage. This video will also give a broad understanding of our product and service offerings. We are passionate about seeing organizations and people succeed. Our partnerships are built to direct organization in the best possible path. Instead of offering a cookie cutter approach, we tailor our offerings to meet specific needs.

About Us
Excelarise, LLC is a healthcare transformation consulting firm devoted to adding significant value to our clients through a partnership approach. We increase the workflow, efficiency, productivity, and growth of healthcare organizations by partnering with leadership personnel and assisting in contract strategies, vetting solutions, directing existing or outsourced IT staff, increasing revenue, etc. We combine clinical, business, and IT mindsets while making it a priority to focus on stakeholders.

Please call us today at 330-256-5481 or contact us at to see how we can work together to take your organization to the next level.

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